2022 Annual Meeting

2022: Resilience, Innovation, Adaptation, and Mission Focus

As we reflect back on 2022, it’s clear this was another year of innovation, dedicated service, and profound mission impact. The continued focus on our core educational and spiritual mission reflects our passion for stewardship of the Himalayan Tradition’s living wisdom . Highlights include a wide range of mission program and certification offerings, as well as offerings for students of all backgrounds and levels through the Institute’s wellness, retreat, spiritual excursion and online offerings which reached thousands globally. The launch of HI Online, the Institute’s new digital platform for education and community, is a milestone and strong foundation to continue sharing our mission with the world as we look ahead to 2023 and beyond.

Celebrate all that we’ve accomplished and look ahead with us as we strive to inspire, educate, and empower all who seek to realize their full potential.

In this meeting you will hear highlights from the following departments and directors:
  • Himalayan Institute – Welcome & Key Highlights – Ishan Tigunait, Executive Director
  • Himalayan Institute Mission Programs and PureRejuv – Greg Capitolo, Director of Mission Programs
  • Himalayan Institute Marketing & Creative Services – Curt von Diest, Director of Marketing
  • Himalayan Institute Retreat Center – Brian Fulp, Retreat Center Director
  • Himalayan Institute Products, Publications, & Business Operations – Stephen Moulton, Director of Business Operations
  • Himalayan Institute Humanitarian Projects and HI Cameroon – Jeff Abella, Director of Humanitarian Projects and HI Cameroon
  • Himalayan Institute India – Ishan Tigunait, Managing Director of HI India
  • Himalayan Institute Excursions – Ransom Hare, Spiritual Excursions Director
  • The Himalayan Institute Community – Ishan Tigunait, Executive Director
  • Treasurer’s Report – Greg Capitolo, Treasurer
  • Review and Approval of Proposed Changes to HI Organizational Structure and Governance – Greg Capitolo, President
  • The Mission of the Himalayan Institute and Vision for the Future – Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Spiritual Head and Chairman of the Board