“We’re proud to be an inspiring, positive influence in our local community, as well as around the world.”
—Brian Fulp, Retreat Center Director

Commitment to Sustainability

At the Himalayan Institute we believe that sustainable use of resources is an expression of yoga in action. Our commitment to sustainability is based on a profound understanding of our deep spiritual and material connection with the natural world.

Our commitment begins with the spiritual vibrancy and ecological stewardship of our flagship campus near Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and extends to our humanitarian projects abroad in Cameroon, Mexico, and India. We endeavor to integrate our mission, operations, and programs to encourage measurable and ongoing attention to biodiversity and the conservation of energy, water, and materials. We invite our entire community, both residential and online, to make comparable commitments to bring spirituality into action.

Sustainability Initiatives


SEEDS is a community-based organization in Northeastern Pennsylvania committed to developing a local renewable energy infrastructure and promoting sustainable living. The Institute has partnered with SEEDS to evaluate our energy efficiency and suggest changes to infrastructure and operations to conserve energy and minimize our environmental footprint.

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Zero Waste Initiative

The Himalayan Institute has several innovative recycling initiatives. Current efforts include single-stream recycling containers, separating food waste, which is sent to a local pig farmer, and collecting discarded clothes and household items for a local church, which hosts a free boutique.

Seeking to further reduce the waste stream sent to landfills, we are currently working with a consultant and a residential steering committee to develop a new, more efficient and easy-to-use waste collection, disposal, and recycling program.

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Solar Hot Water System

In November 2010, the Himalayan Institute installed one of the largest solar thermal hot water systems in the region. Thirty rooftop panels heat water to fill a 1,000-gallon storage tank, providing for the hot water needs of the Institute, and saving thousands of gallons of propane each year.

Employment Coalition

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The Wayne County Employment Coalition (WCEC) promotes employment opportunities and support for the disabled. The Himalayan Institute is proud to partner with the WCEC for staffing in food services and building operations. The Coalition recognized the Institute’s participation in an award ceremony on March 21, 2016. At the ceremony, one of the Institute’s WCEC hires thanked the staff and said, “Working at the Himalayan not only changed my life, but it also changed the way I look at employment.”

Himalayan Institute Retreat Center Director Brian Fulp (center) and Food Preparation Supervisor Florence Mitchell (left) with food prepper Charlie Lagarenne received the award at the Wayne County Employment Coalition awards ceremony.

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Charlie’s Story

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“The Himalayan Institute trusted that I would work hard, and believed that I could do things I never did before. The Himalayan showed patience to me and gave me a peaceful environment to learn the skills I now have.”

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Patrick’s Story

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“Finding a job was really hard and I know my autism was the reason. Sometimes people don’t give someone like me a chance. The Himalayan Institute gave me that chance and now I’m happy to go to work.”

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Honesdale Rotary


The Himalayan Institute is proud to support the Honesdale Rotary Club with monetary contributions, event sponsorships, and fundraising. Institute residents have served in past and current leadership roles, and are active with Honesdale High School Interact, a successful leadership training club, which encourages civic involvement and service initiatives.

In 2009, Honesdale Rotary partnered with the Himalayan Institute to establish a 30,000-volume library and educational outreach, the largest in Northwest Cameroon, Africa.

Roots and Rhythm Music & Arts Festival


The Himalayan Institute is a key partner in organizing and supporting Roots and Rhythm, the preeminent regional music and arts festival in Honesdale, PA. Institute residents were instrumental in the initial founding of the festival, and continue to offer administrative support, volunteer staffing, and resources and supplies to the popular event, which is free of charge and funded by volunteers and sponsors.

The festival attracted nearly 6,000 people last year and has brought a cultural renaissance to this rural community. The Wayne County Commissioners recognized the event as a “gift to the community” and issued a Certificate of Recognition to the festival’s organizers on the 10th anniversary of the annual event. Roots and Rhythm continues to grow and recently received a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

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