Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

Dive into a life-changing course of study to deepen your understanding of the yoga tradition and your own personal yoga practice, while learning how to teach. Drawing from ancient yoga theory and modern knowledge of the body and mind, this yoga teacher training program is from an unbroken tradition and covers the complete scope of yoga practice. Our comprehensive curriculum offers a systematic approach that will provide a supportive structure as you develop your skills as a yoga teacher. The exceptional and dedicated teaching team comes from diverse backgrounds and offers many years of combined experience in the practice and teaching of yoga.

Topics covered include:
  • Principles of structural and energetic alignment
  • Anatomy and physiology for yoga teachers
  • Yoga theories of the subtle body (chakras, koshas, nadis)
  • Structuring and sequencing classes
  • Practice teaching in small and large groups
  • Systematic breath training
  • Relaxation and meditation techniques and teaching
  • Understanding and applying yoga psychology and philosophy

Located at our spiritually vibrant campus in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, where participants not only practice yoga in the classroom, but also live it moment to moment through the vegetarian diet, structured routine, and community. This 200-hour yoga teacher certification program is a unique, completely immersive experience, that will give you the tools and support to develop and deepen your own personal practice, and from which you will emerge a capable, confident, and effective yoga teacher.

This program is offered once a year in Honesdale as a three week intensive. Additional requirements for certification are a 30-day meditation journal, and a teaching self-evaluation of 12 hours taught, to be completed after the training intensive. Students have up to two years to complete these additional assignments.

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Tuition and Registration:

Tuition: $2999

Accommodations are not included in the tuition price. In order to make this program as financially accessible as possible, we are offering a 20% off-season discount on accommodations! Program begins at 6:45 a.m. on the start date. Accommodations will need to begin one day prior to the start date. Please contact our reservations department at (800) 822-4547, and select option 2 for information regarding accommodations pricing.

Questions? Please email us at [email protected]

I am in awe and in deep gratitude for the depth of knowledge, the level of commitment of the HI staff, the understanding and infinite wisdom their teachings held and continue to unfold for me.
Basia, Colorado
The quality of the Faculty in Residence was a deciding factor for me in choosing to get my teaching certification from the Himalayan Institute. The opportunity to learn from teachers who had studied with the Masters of Yoga is increasing rare and I was grateful for the hands on and in depth lectures and practices that were part of the training.
George, California
I chose the Himalayan Institute’s immersion program because it allowed me access to such esteemed teachers as well as the absence of the distractions from my everyday life. There was nothing more important than being present and open to the great lessons put before me by people who have dedicated their life to yoga, surrounded by like-minded aspirants.
Marcia, New York
The biggest thing that I have taken away from my studies at the Himalayan Institute is that I have been introduced to a web of life that I had not experienced so strongly before. I use the practices that I have been taught to help me with my obstacles in life. They support me in making the very necessary changes and transformations in my life so that I can find my way to that “luminous joy” we all have inside ourselves.
Rosanna, Cayman Islands