Let yourself DREAM BIG. Let your SELF LOVE be BIG.

Celebrate the new year by celebrating YOU. There is great emphasis on you because you are worthy. Each of us is born with gifts and only through taking time to learn what your gifts are, can they manifest into bright creation. This is an invitation to let yourself become liberated through a safe retreat container allowing us to become totally radical in our authentic desires.

Experience a unique weekend retreat immersed in guided practices that support the journey of loving yourself. This will be an intentional weekend to strengthen the muscle of devotion to your life while having fun expressing what your heart wants to create and experience during the new year.

This retreat will support those who are seeking restoration and creation — a total transformation. As we learn useful skills to embody self love, our whole life can begin to change in our favor. Participants will feel confident and supported for a lasting effect of inspiration.

Through connection to self and a bright community, we will gather to declare our dream year. Creating a community and welcoming expansion.

What if this year is the year to devote to your dreams? The numerology of 2023 is defined as the year of the “7”, meaning there is infinite access to abundance, opportunity, and ability to restore and receive with ease.

This retreat happens during the FIRST new moon of 2023, the ultimate timeline to set intentions.

Workshops will be focused on alchemizing limitations through practices of:
  • Moka Origins Cacao Ceremonies / Music
  • Crystal Sound Bath Meditation
  • EFT Tapping
  • Yoga / Somatic Movement
  • Breathwork / Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Visualization / Subconscious Restoring
  • Self Love Workshop
  • Dream Vision Map Planning
  • New Moon Celebration
  • Community Connection / Share circle

Each participant will receive a luxurious self love package. Loving ourself is the greatest gift that we can give to others.

Tuition is sliding scale $299-$499 to help support the creation of Retreat Scholarship Opportunities starting in Spring 2023. Please note, the sliding scale is for the retreat tuition only. The sliding scale does not include accommodation rates at the Himalayan Institute.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”
— Brené Brown