Join Maura Manzo for relaxing days and early-to-bed nights amid the tranquility of the Himalayan Institute. Enjoy 2x/day yoga practices, time in nature, nourishing food, and the sweet, sweet laziness of not having to cook or clean or take care of anyone other than yourself. What a dream!

Classes with Maura will be a mix of mindful flow practices and deeply restoring practices. Variations will be offered so classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners, even beginners.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in yoga classes on the Himalayan Institute’s schedule, meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine, as well as massage or ayurvedic treatments at PureRejuv Wellness Center. And, of course, the ever-popular chocolate tour at Moka Origins right on campus. Or head into the charming town of Honesdale, just a few minutes away.

Easy to moderate hiking on the beautiful 400 acres and a starlit bonfire on the Sound of Music Hill will help reconnect you to Nature and yourself. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

What people are saying:

“Thank you for yet another amazing retreat at the HI! I loved everything about the weekend including connecting with old friends and new, beautifully designed (and led) yoga practices, the setting, the food, the hikes… All of it! I appreciate you and your gifts for co-creating a safe space with all of us to go inward and to be in community.”
— Lisa K

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU for co-leading such a meaningful retreat last weekend with Dana. The quiet contemplation came at a good time for me; I found the mix of yin yoga and acupuncture very special, effective, and memorable. I’m sure everyone left feeling more relaxed, self-aware and committed to making some healthy lifestyle changes — I sure did! This was also my first exposure to Yin Yoga — a great experience & tool that I’ll continue to practice and find benefit. You did a great job guiding the group, providing simple, relatable explanations and engaging us in more vulnerable ‘feelings’ dialogue.”
— Joan S.