Rosen Method Bodywork facilitates a greater sense of well-being by connecting patterns of muscle tension and breath to suppressed emotions. Rosen Method Bodywork uses touch and words to track and respond to subtle shifts in muscles and breath, bringing what has been suppressed into conscious awareness.

You are invited to:
  • Experience muscle tension relaxing from the inside out as you master a “touch from the heart” that is gently receptive and responsive rather than manipulative
  • Develop compassion for how your body has helped you cope with stressful situations in your life by bringing loving kindness to difficult sensations and emotional states
  • Cultivate attunement and intuition by listening with your whole body, and learning to use words that bypass the thinking, analyzing mind.

This learning supports all therapeutic modalities, and is appropriate for psychotherapists, bodyworkers, and anyone interested in somatic approaches to personal growth and healing.