Yes, you can learn to hear intuition above the noise in your head, and even better, KNOW what to do next.

The fact is we are light beings in a “meatsuit.”

This meatsuit interferes with our clear connection to Spirit. Our thoughts, experiences, and conditioning unknowingly taint or obstruct messages we receive. We’re left feeling frustrated and uncertain.

We know in our gut the answer to every question is communicated to us continually, nudge by nudge, and we long to hear it unequivocally.

Plus, we feel compelled to step into our full power as spiritual beings on earth.

This inspired retreat is designed to guide you to YOUR next level. We’ll connect to angels, clear our fields, and work with the mind’s tendencies rather than against it. Find clarity on how to hear clear intuition above the second guessing.

How? We’ll have high-level discussion sessions, yoga, meditation, muscle testing, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation to reprogram your subconscious mind), storytelling, angels, breathing exercises, chakras, and more. This retreat is Spirit led.

FYI — Your human meatsuit is not a problem to be corrected by spirituality. We don’t do spiritual practice to make up for our perceived shortcomings and mistakes. There’s a Hindu story about a time when humans strayed from spirit, so the god Shiva (who represents the most enlightened part of us) got angry and impulsively spewed fire from his third eye towards humans. The goddess Saraswati instantly morphed into a river to intercept and absorb the fire, redirecting it safely underground. Had the fire reached the humans, it would have burned up every bit of untruth (maya), everything that doesn’t serve their highest purpose, leaving them as “perfect” people. So there would be no lessons to learn, no reason to take human birth and live our messy lives. The goddess knew we need “missteps” in order to learn and grow, to ascend and raise our level of consciousness.

We don’t blame Shiva for his impulsive reaction! We’ve all felt frustration when others are exhibiting “bad” behavior; it drives us bonkers. And notice that the goddess saves the day! We’ll delve into lots of these stories during our retreat!


Check-in begins at 4pm on Friday, January 19 and we will begin our retreat at 7pm.

Check-out at noon on Sunday, January 22.

Join us for as much as you are able!

In the weeks prior to the retreat, you will be emailed the itinerary so you opt for additional appointments (at your expense) at the PureRejuv Wellness Center. Choose from massage, integrative medicine, chiropractic, ayurvedic services, etc.


You probably feel in your gut this awakening that is happening now, You KNOW you are meant for more. I’m so glad you’ll be joining us. Blessings to you. Cheers!

Love, Nicole