The world of tantra is composed of power, freedom, and fulfillment. To mine this tantric wealth, we have to understand the dynamic forces of nature and their relationship with the subtle anatomy of our body and mind. We all know our body and mind are the center of our universe, but this universe is bogged down by tiredness, fatigue, disease, aging, fear, anguish, anger, and our feelings of emptiness and worthlessness. To most of us, experiencing our body and mind as a shrine and embracing our Beloved residing in this shrine is just wishful thinking. Tantric tradition and techniques transform this wishful thinking into a living reality. This intensive will allow you to understand your inner shrine—and give you the tools to tap into the power, freedom, and fulfillment it spontaneously exudes.

Using the model of Sri Chakra, the most celebrated among all mandalas, we’ll delineate the anatomy of our inner shrine, and identify the dynamic forces that bring into action the pairs of opposites—feminine and masculine, moon (ida) and sun (pingala), and the parasympathetic and sympathetic responses. This study will enable us to see the underlying currents and cross currents of love and hatred, clarity and confusion, trust and doubt, compassion and cruelty, courage and fear, enthusiasm and hopelessness, and self-respect and feelings of worthlessness. It will take us to our inner sanctum, where there is conciliation of these pairs of opposites, and the forces of inner healing, protection, and nourishment are allowed to flow unhindered.

The experiential part of the intensive includes:
  • The relationship between tantra, kundalini, chakras, and Sri Vidya–centered practices taught in the tradition of the Himalayan Masters
  • Reaching the inner sanctum of our body and mind by using Sri Chakra, the most esoteric among all mandalas
  • Unlocking the power of the heart chakra by employing the forces of the fourth circuit of Sri Chakra
  • Awakening the navel center (manipura chakra) and the eyebrow center (ajna chakra) to eliminate obstacles to reaching our innermost sanctum at the heart
  • An in-depth study of the Navarna mantra, the 9-syllabled mantra practiced by the adepts and seekers of tantra vidya, and its application in reclaiming our full potential