Are you enjoying? This simple question reminds us that we do have a choice, moment by moment — even in the most profoundly painful circumstances — to stay fully with ourselves; to live from our fundamental goodness, aliveness, and tender-heartedness. Each time we get pulled out of the here and now by the cascade of thoughts and emotions that naturally arise as we go about our lives, we have the opportunity to ask: Am I enjoying?

Through yoga, meditation, and playfully engaging our voices, this workshop will explore practices that help us access this embodied state of being, experiencing the joy that naturally arises when we are present to the body’s intelligence.

When we take responsibility for our well-being, our relationships naturally improve, our energy level increases, and our mental state becomes more clear.

  • Daily yoga practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher
  • Learning to use meditation as a way to awaken new perspectives
  • Guided vocal exercises that make it easy and fun to make sound and sing
  • Unlearning things we’ve been taught that stifle our creativity and enjoyment
  • Outdoor activities, including trail walks and a fire gathering
  • Coffee and chocolate factory tour with tasting!

Join us for this deep and playful weekend!

Open to all levels of experience, including those new to yoga, meditation, and/or singing.

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”