Asana, pranayama and meditation are three of the eight limbs of yoga. In a sequenced and full practice, they simply and intricately weave together, nourishing and supporting the subsequent limb without a gap, creating a unique tapestry of yoga. Each is the foundation for, and advances to, the beginning stage of the next step. This seminar takes one on a journey to the secrets and treasures stored within the body, mind and heart, one step at a time through asana, pranayama and meditation.

The program begins with strengthening ourselves through breath awareness and postures, naturally guiding us to explore what’s beneath the surface in our body, in our heart, and in our mind. Practicing asana in this manner will enhance our sensitivity to the power and healing nature of prana. This guides us further inward to pranayama practices that give us exactly what we need for cleansing, nourishing and replenishing. Once we have established ourselves quietly in the subtle dimensions of ourselves through asana and pranayama, our meditation practice is a continued movement inward towards that which is sacred, profound, and innate.

Invest your asana practice into enriching your pranayama practice. Refine your meditation practice with enhanced pranayama and systematic pratyahara. Deepen each practice and let each limb guide you more thoroughly into the next, and into yourself.