Come join in a healing weekend of self-care.

Take a journey inside yourself and return refreshed and renewed. Learn to uncover your inner light that tends to get dimmed by life experiences, what we feed ourselves with internal self-talk, self-doubt, negative thought patterns and what we eat. This weekend of Self exploration will include yoga, chanting, creating healing affirmations, meditation practices with a walking meditation on the Labyrinth, and journaling. These practices along with learning about the self-care techniques in Ayurveda will help you to feel more connected to yourself and supported from the inside out.

You will be led through cleansing asana and pranayama that will not only stoke your inner fire but also use supportive practices to bring balance and support mentally, physically, and emotionally. These practices will help to burn away stagnation and negative emotions that cloud our inner light, revealing our inner light and allowing it to shine brighter. On the deepest level this inner glow illuminates our path, helping to guide and support us.

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