The sages of the Himalayan Tradition share a remarkable insight: “We are already Divine; we simply need to become fully human.” This cryptic yet intriguing statement is grounded in an essential truth—we are all blessed by our inner divinity with the capacity to experience our full human potential. This highest promise of life is achieved when we awaken yoga shakti.

Yoga shakti is a living experience of our highest creative intelligence and dynamic power of will. In this experiential workshop, we’ll explore source wisdom and guided practices from the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, supported by tantric teachings. This experience will shed new light on how we can awaken yoga shakti through yoga, pranic awareness, personal meditation, and group practice.

Key topics of study and experience include:
  • Dynamics of abhyasa and sthiti (Yoga Sutra 1:12-14), and how they empower our personal practice
  • Understanding the mystery of prana through pranic awareness practices
  • Unlocking the power of meditation through abhyasa and pranic awareness
  • Vairagya, trustful surrender, and embracing our inner divinity
  • Yoga shakti and “kriya yoga”—tapas, svadhyaya, Ishvara pranidhana (Yoga Sutra 2:1, 2:43-45)
  • Finding fulfillment within and without, as a force for positive change in the world
  • Guided practice of unique pranic meditations to awaken yoga shakti
  • Year Long Meditation group practice (akhanda japa)

Please email Claire Smith at [email protected] to register. You may also contact Clair directly at either +32 486 905 253 or +1 518 45 07 935.