Take the opportunity to disconnect from the noise of your life to reclaim the deep and abiding relationship with your own heart. Our heart whispers its truth, its guidance, its kindness. As we become still in our minds and bodies, we can receive and absorb these words of wisdom—ancient truths that support our modern lives even in the midst of current day calamities and disappointments.

The sacred space of nature’s 400 acre campus and the Sri Vidya Shrine provide the ideal environment for our practices and teachings to calm the mind, relax and strengthen the body, and step into deeper regions of the heart, where the indwelling light is always waiting for us. Here, we find our dearest friend—our greatest ally. By taking the time to rest here, we nourish ourselves from a deeper dimension.

When we return to our lives, we are fuller, more peaceful, and more able to stay steady in the face of personal or collective storm. We develop the tools, reclaim the wisdom, strengthen our hearts, and live our lives to the best of our abilities—knowing that the Divine is always deeper still, holding us in her loving embrace.

In this special YLM Retreat, you will experience:
  • Asana to become grounded in the power and grace that accompany being in your body, with a special emphasis on reconnecting with your heart space
  • Pranayama and breathing practices to calm the mind, awaken and strengthen the flow of grace in the body, and reestablish the connection to a deeper current of inner life at the heart
  • Meditation practices that reclaim your relationship with your own sacred wisdom and establish an abiding connection to the unlimited source of inner nurturance and guiding light
  • Time to contemplate, rest, absorb, journal, walk, meditate, and simply be

By the end of this retreat, you will have experienced a palpable connection between your body, heart, mind, and spirit. You will also be able to take home these simple yet profound practices to continue deepening this sense of wholeness. Through practice, your days are sweeter, your nights are more restful, your mind is more tranquil, and your life is restored to true balance—governed benevolently and wisely by the heart.

This article might be helpful in preparing for this retreat, and gives a sense of the topics we will be exploring.