Resilience is our capacity to manage stress. It is the ability to bounce-back after difficult times. In a world full of unrest and uncertainty—resilience is what we need right now.

Stress has detrimental effects on our health at every level. Chronic stress weakens immunity and digestion, disturbs sleep, and makes us more prone to other problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Stress also makes us feel anxious, overwhelmed, and sometimes irritable or depressed. Resilience is eroded by stress, but we can rebuild it!

We can consciously strengthen our resilience—increasing our ability to stay calm and manage life. In this weekend seminar, we’ll focus on practices that build resilience—from yogic breathing and relaxation to walking in nature and contemplation. We’ll also discuss natural supplements that are supportive to adrenal health and stress resilience (adaptogens).

What this program provides:
  • An introduction to the concept of “Resilience” and how it relates to stress management and good health
  • A 90–minute practicum on breathing and relaxation practices that are easy to fit into your daily life
  • Information on the immune system, and how to use natural supplements to support your immunity and adrenal health
  • Free time for a walk on our wooded campus, or to meet individually with one of our clinicians. See below for a list of therapeutic options*
  • Encouragement for you to make a self-care plan that builds your resilience
*Add-on Services

If you would like your weekend to be more personalized, you can call the PureRejuv Wellness Center and make an appointment for any of these PureRejuv services while you are with us from Friday afternoon until Sunday mid-day:

  • Building Resilience—Assessment: Using computerized biofeedback techniques to assess your breathing, heart-rate variability and resilience, you will receive personalized recommendations to build resilience through breath training.
  • Yoga Therapy: A private yoga therapy session to help create a routine that suits you, using postures, breath training, relaxation or meditation.
  • Ayurvedic Health Consultation: Learn about the foundations of ayurveda and how to apply this understanding to restore optimal health and well-being.
  • Integrative Medicine Consultation: Integrate diet, exercise, and stress management along with yoga, homeopathy and natural medicines to promote true long-term healing.