The frenetic pace and ceaseless challenge of modern life forces us to direct our attention externally. Over time, this depletes our vitality and exacerbates the effects of stress—which compromises our inherent resilience to life’s inevitable ups and downs.

In order to move toward a healthier and more balanced way of living, we need to be able to release what no longer serves us (cleansing), so that we are capable of taking in the things that nurture and support us (nourishing). In yoga and ayurveda, cleansing and nourishing are seen as being mutually supportive. As yoga practitioners, it is helpful to consider how these concepts relate to us personally—what do we need to let go of or cleanse so that we can move forward? What do we need to nourish ourselves at a deeper level?

During this 3-day retreat, you will use the principles of yoga and ayurveda to explore this mutual process of cleansing and nourishing. Discover key practices that will allow you to experience deep, internal cleansing and nourishing firsthand—leading to better stress management, stronger digestion, and increased resilience.

Our program will include:
  • Instruction on specific cleansing and nourishing practices that support healthy digestion, regular elimination, and better sleep
  • Guidance on how to structure a supportive daily routine that fits into your life
  • Specific deep breathing practices that relieve the negative effects of stress while gently cleansing and nourishing at a deeper level
  • Asana to strengthen and balance your digestive fire and enhance your ability to cleanse and nourish
  • Ample free time to rest, relax, and process your individual cleansing and nourishing needs and goals