We can easily lose ourselves in a world of obligations, expectations, and roles. We wonder: Who am I? What matters most to me? What am I here to do, to create? Who do I want to be? And, what gifts do I bring to the world?

We push to care for others, to fulfill expectations, perhaps giving beyond our reserves, and we find ourselves feeling worn out, drained, and depleted. We know we need to find a way to nourish and care for ourselves.

Retreat offers a time to replenish so that we are better able to show up to the people and responsibilities in our lives. It gives us time to honor ourselves deeply within the power of a circle of like-minded women.

In this wonderfully relaxing and fulfilling retreat, we will:

  • slow down, quiet down, and tune in to connect with our inner wisdom and guidance
  • be with life as it is right now, in this moment
  • have space for reflection, rest, and renewal
  • cultivate a foundation of self-care, self-compassion, and self-honoring
  • strengthen the ground we stand on as we discover the peace, power, and joy that is available in an authentically-lived life

When we come home to ourselves, we strengthen our reserves and lean into our inner wisdom and true guidance. We are less easily rattled by outer happenings and more quickly return to balance when we are.

When we come home to ourselves, we are better able to bring forth our gifts and to live a fuller expression of who we were born to be.

Gentle yoga will be included in this retreat with Yoga Instructor Carol Moon. Carol believes that the essence of yoga is listening to breath and body, meeting ourselves as we are in the present moment, and developing an internal focus. Yoga offers many gifts, such as presence, patience, strength, balance, and equanimity—these qualities can be practiced on our mats and then carried out into our lives. Carol teaches with warmth, humor, intuition, and a passion for encouraging students to follow their own bodies’ wisdom. For Carol’s full bio, click here.

Please bring a journal and pen, and please bring a yoga mat if you have one. Also, dress comfortably in layers, and bring whatever else will make you comfortable during our weekend.

The schedule will allow for several hours of time on Saturday afternoon when you are free to deepen your connection with yourself in your own way (a number of suggested possibilities will be offered). You may choose to schedule a healing session, to take a hike or a nap during this time. Or you may want to bring along some supplies for your own creating, drawing, writing, reading, meditating… anything that will support you in slowing down and going within.

Weather permitting, we will have a campfire on one of our evenings together.

Here’s what others have said about Barb’s retreats:

I love going to retreats because they’re a way for me to get back to what’s important—me. It’s a time for me to leave work at work and home at home and just simply be and reconnect with myself. A chance to really listen to what my inner voice is telling me, to nurture my soul and my body with rest and renewal. It’s a moment in time for me to take care of myself and to let go and enjoy the unique energy that’s created when a group of beautiful like-minded women connect authentically, heart to heart. Barb creates a beautiful and safe place for me to do all of this.
Kristin Conway
I cannot tell you how wonderful my experience has been on the women’s retreats I have attended with Barb! To be able to take the time for myself, in a safe place, to reconnect with my genuine self, re-energize and re-empower myself to come back out into this crazy world is a priceless gift!! I am so grateful to Barb for the work she does and the opportunities she creates for women, like me, that need to Retreat, Regroup and then Return.
Sue Kirby

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