Join Shawna Emerick and Liz Moyer Benferhat for a weekend-long retreat to reconnect with your True Self in the blessed company of sacred community.

Our time together will weave yoga with emotional healing practices that invite you to slow down and feel what is alive in your being. The program will include light teaching about the neuroscience and healing power of emotions based on the award-winning work of Hilary Jacobs Hendel, LSW, and Sarah Peyton. You’ll have opportunities to practice what you learn through gentle experiential exercises, healing Circles, and open-level yoga practices so you can bring home tools of self-awareness to carry forward.

We will be an intimate-sized group of people to cultivate connection and offer a customized experience. Asana, embodiment, and meditation practices will be taught based on who is in the room. All bodies and experience levels are welcome.

We look forward to rejuvenating in the spacious surroundings that Mother Nature offers. We hope you feel supported by her natural unfolding as you more deeply connect with your own.