This workshop will provide gentle pathways into the body, allowing time for intimate connection with oneself and the surrounding environment. The workshop is suitable for anyone who wishes to deepen their yoga through somatic understanding, and to cultivate a greater connection with their body.

Through yoga, somatic exercises, and embodiment practices, participants will develop a broader understanding of breathing, movement, and alignment, leading to a fuller three-dimensional sense of self, and into the subtleties of the yoga practice. Participants can expect to leave the workshop with practical tools and exercises that they can integrate into their daily yoga practice to further develop their embodiment.

Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and more connected to yourself, to others, and to the world around you.

Our time together will include:

  • Nourishing practices throughout the day
  • Immersion into the surrounding 400 acres of nature and walking trails
  • Saturday evening bonfire under the stars
  • Meditation practice at the Sri Vidya shrine
  • Group time at the Moka Cafe

What people are saying:

“Through Lisa’s teaching I have come to inhabit much more of myself. This experiential style of learning has brought a deeper sense of integration and vitality to my own practice, and has elevated my teaching to much greater depths of compassion, integrity, and clarity.”

“This work has given me an invitation to take my body back, as well as a new sense of allowing at a very deep level. It has opened a doorway for me to trust my sensing self and ways of applying this to my teaching and practice.”

“Lisa Clark is a master at guiding students to new internal vistas from which to experience themselves, the world, and the deep lineage of yoga.”

“Lisa’s teaching nourishes and replenishes from the inside out. It fosters body awareness and curiosity; it slows down my body and mind, while granting permission to fully embody my experience.“