Meditation is not a single practice, but a collection of practices woven together to address each dimension of human life. When we truly need to relax, to uncover solutions to a vexing problem, or to develop a more meaningful understanding of life, meditation provides us with core strategies to address our needs. But as our meditation practice unfolds, we may also pass through periods of uncertainty. Having started out with enthusiasm, we may need to refresh ourselves by revisiting the teachings of the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, and Yoga Sutra.

This seminar will help you identify the meditative practices that have inspired seekers for millennia. It will help reestablish the fundamental aims of practice and explain how simple techniques such as japa—mantra repetition—can be linked to the highest goals of self-realization. For experienced practitioners (such as those who have previously received a personal mantra), this weekend will give you the tools to develop, deepen, and reinforce your personal practice. For individuals just starting out on the path of meditation, we will clearly lay out the stages of training, and emphasize the importance of approaching meditation with simplicity and humility.

Join long-time teacher Rolf Sovik for a weekend devoted to restoring confidence in your path as an inward seeking student of yoga.