The techniques of a proper meditation practice are simple in concept, but challenging in practice. In a large part, the efficacy of meditation is based on several oft-overlooked components: centering techniques prior to formal practice, cultivating presence of mind in daily life, and the quality of attention and energy brought to the meditative focus.

In this retreat, we will explore the practices that support meditation. Coupled with hatha yoga and a supportive daily meditation schedule, our discussions and practicums will bring your practice to the next level. Join us for this in-depth look at the foundational elements of meditation, and discover how awakening your power of intention and discrimination can free you from restrictive patterns of thought and behavior.

Workshop Discussion Topics Include:
  • Prayer, including dhyanam contemplative mantras, shanti pathas, and invocations
  • Collecting the mind with sankalpa: acknowledging time, place, lineage, ancestry, and intention
  • Asana to support integration of the physical and energy body
  • Meditative pranayamas: bhastrika, anuloma, and nadi shodhana
  • Contemplation techniques
  • Practices to support core energetic engagement and sustain deep relaxation and alert focus
  • How to strengthen your energy body and address common energy “leaks”
  • The art and science of paying attention: Cultivating non-judgemental awareness

The flexible schedule allows plenty of time for personal practice, study, and contemplation, and personal appointments with faculty.