Don’t let tight hips prevent you from growing and expanding to your greatest self.

The hips are one of the main areas we hold all of life’s tension. Tight hips can wreak havoc on our comfort and posture, and impact our ability to sit still for any period of time, move in a coordinated fashion, or enjoy simple activities in life. Our hips are complex: there are so many muscles and ligaments that comprise the hips and connect them to the pelvis, legs, low back, and abdominal area. Ignoring or overcompensating in even one area can negatively affect all of the others. In this spacious weekend workshop, we will open up the hips—working from all directions—to unleash lightness, flexibility, and openness in other areas of our life.

Yoga is such a beautiful practice—it helps us release muscle tension and reduce fatigue, but also opens up areas of our bodies that have been locked, tight, or resistant—on all levels. There is a relationship between the body and emotions. There is also a relationship between the body and the mind. Imagine the benefits of bringing lightness, flexibility, and openness to the areas of your life that need it most. By releasing and opening areas of our body that may be chronically tight, we can shed light on mental and emotional patterns that have also been holding us back or keeping us resistant to change.

In this retreat, we will:
  • Unlock the hips and learn to open up—physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Learn six “go-to” postures to release and relax tight hips
  • Understand how our seated posture affects hip tightness
  • Set up a routine for long-term hip stability and freedom

It was such a pleasure and an incredible experience this past weekend. It really was a great gift to myself to come and learn from you. I sincerely enjoyed the workshop and appreciate your passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the information you taught us. You truly embody the teachings and what it is to be a genuine yogi! You’re an incredible teacher and a wonderful, loving, compassionate, and gracious human being. I’m so grateful for your energy and way of being.

Tasha B. April 2019