“Cultivating constant awareness of higher reality and unconditional divine grace intensifies our conviction that we are not alone—that we are loved and nurtured. This conviction becomes a source of inner strength, enabling us to remain unperturbed in the midst of life’s many storms.”
—Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada

Divine grace is ever-present, and the experience of grace has touched all of us at some point along our spiritual quest. It gives us comfort, hope, and belief in what we are doing, and the desire to re-experience this grace brings us back to prayer, meditation, and yoga practice again and again. The energetic force that allows us to consciously tap into this experience of grace is prana shakti.

During this retreat, we will cultivate experiences of grace and prepare space within ourselves—our inner shrine—to consciously experience grace more often. Our exploration will incorporate teachings from the Yoga Sutra, systematic applications of yoga, and dedicated practice time (sadhana) in the Sri Vidya Shrine.

Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra provides a practical framework for understanding the relationship between mind, body, breath, and soul. Studying the Sutra helps us understand how we currently experience ourselves in the world, and gives us tools to create more freedom and fulfillment in our lives moving forward.

Yoga Practice

Our yoga practice will be rooted in breath awareness and consist of asana, relaxation, and meditation.

Asana classes will be guided by breath coordinated movement designed to unlock prana shakti and create freedom and stability in the body and mind.
Through guided relaxations, you will learn to consciously rest the body and mind, bringing strength, nourishment, and balance to your nervous system. This systematic practice will develop your pranic awareness and expand your energetic capacity.
During guided meditations you will learn to concentrate prana shakti through breath awareness and cultivate a peaceful space within where your mind can rest free from distractions.

Sri Vidya Shrine

The Sri Vidya Shrine is a living space whose sole purpose is to guide seekers towards a deeper, more expansive reality within. With the supporting grace of the Sri Vidya Shrine, we can gain greater awareness of the grace of the shrine that resides in our own body, mind, breath, and soul.