Join Leticia and Tara, professional therapists and healing companions, in a perennial healing experience that inspires empowerment, connection, and balance through all seasons of life. This comprehensive and therapeutic retreat experience unites you and a small, intimate group of women with a plethora of sacred relational arts and practices inspired by and tailored to each of the sacred elements.

Your retreat experience opens with the moon in its Last Quarter in the sign of Gemini, sitting powerfully in balance between the Full Moon and New Moon, inviting forward the energy of the sacred twins within us all. We begin the retreat on Thursday evening by nurturing our bodies by sharing our first meal and moving into the opening ceremony together, set around a fire, under the Late Summer stars.

Friday and Saturday offer full-day, tailored programming, allowing intimate practice and focus on two elements each day to invite an experience of each element that is integrated into the physical and subtle body utilizing the sacred relational arts and practices below. We honor the Moon’s movement into the sign of Cancer through the remainder of the retreat, bringing special focus to strengthening self, shared nurturance, and empathy as we move through the elements.

On Sunday, we bring the retreat to completion following our final shared meal together, joining together in ceremony, and bringing intentional awareness to the state of being we cultivated by engaging intimately with each element.

Each participant receives a retreat companion binder with a myriad of practices to take home, space to engage in self-study, and recommended resources to deepen the connection with the sacred elements beyond the retreat.

Sacred Relational Arts and Practices you are invited to experience:
  • Element-inspired Yoga Sequences
  • Heart Rhythm Meditation™
  • Altar Creation
  • Elemental Breathwork
  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Expressive Arts
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Instrument Circle
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Forest Bathing
  • Community Sharing and Support

We hope you will trust us to be your companions through this timeless and transformational experience where the cultivation of intuition, inner strength, and community (as well as more than a bit of fun!) coalesce.

See you in September!