Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy training offers professional training for yoga therapists. A Bridge program is required for RYT500s and those with similar background.

Trainees learn several specialized skills within this accredited curriculum: Spanda SRI™: Self-Reflective Inquiry, Spanda MA™: Myofascial Activation, Spanda TAT™: Touch Awareness Techniques, and Spanda SAT™: Somatic Accessing Training for working effectively with victims of trauma.

This is the 4th of 6 modules in this ongoing professional yoga therapist training program. Homework, Spanda Online distance learning, and a mentored practicum take place between modules. Graduates are certified by Spanda and eligible for the C-IAYT credential (certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists), the highest yoga certification recognized internationally throughout the world.

If you’re interested in this or a future program, please contact Danielle Leone at [email protected], or visit Space is very limited!

Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is focused on developing each yoga therapist’s skill, insight, and knowledge in addressing the unique pattern of concern of individuals who enter into this sacred relationship. Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapists design and sensitively implement elegant therapeutic strategies to meet the many challenges of being human.

Spanda® Yoga Movement Therapy is:
  • Integrative. Each aspect of training is presented with the whole in mind and is carefully orchestrated to interweave continuously deepening levels of knowledge, understanding, and proficiency.
  • Taught by Clinically Experienced Experts. Unlike other programs, every member of our unparalleled faculty is an expert with decades of therapeutic practice in their field. Our faculty consists of yogis whose lives have been devoted to alleviating others’ suffering.
  • Comprehensive. Coursework covers Eastern and Western models of health, disease, and healing at functional, structural, mental-psychological, energetic, and spiritual levels. Practical application arises from practice in clinical use.
  • Visionary. Trainees develop reliable observation skills using multiple channels of perception that mature sensitivities befitting yogic adepts. These skills are used to treat each person as an individual.
  • Informed by Western Medicine. Grounding in Western biomedical research and practice gives ability to understand clients’ concerns through the eyes of this perspective and work seamlessly with mainstream healthcare.
  • Rooted in Authentic Yoga. This training arises out of the Himalayan Institute’s tradition, Samaya Sri Vidya, with complementarity in traditional kundalini vidya.