Each of us contains the totality of the inner shaktis of the Devi (goddess) within—they are available to us so that we can live our lives abundantly and with determination, and face challenges with grit and grace. Rather than minimize or shrink ourselves or that in us which we perceive to be “less than”, we can use the fullness of summer as a reminder to experience our fullest self.

This 3-day retreat will be an opportunity to show up, and to embrace what we are—all of it—so that we can lean into what we are becoming.

This retreat will give us time to practice, to study, to pause and reflect. Together, we will practice asana in a way that recognizes, nurtures, and welcomes to the table all parts of ourselves. The body is a map to an inner world rich with diversity—strength, passion, and wisdom, but also obstacles and fears. Through physical practice, we fortify our body inside and out to make room for all aspects of the shaktis within, and to awaken the inner intelligence that guides us through our personal labyrinth. Through specific breathing and pranayama practices, we will learn to empower ourselves from the inside out, softening the grip of doubt and fear to reclaim the innate wealth of life and regain our faith in ourselves. In our meditation practice, we will gain inner stillness, allowing us to see the great beauty and grace that our life—and life itself—represents. Our newfound quietude will allow us to welcome and make peace with all of the opposing forces within.

Throughout these practices of yoga and meditation, we will weave stories from sacred scriptures that honor the Devi, drawn from the present and the past. Tales of compassion in heart and fierceness in battle will inspire us. With lessons drawn from these texts, we will learn to expand our view of ourselves to welcome all of our shaktis as keepers of the wisdom, strength, and courage that make our lives complete and whole.

Our days are scheduled to give time for quiet and contemplation, deep rest and rejuvenation, journaling and reflection, and for personal practice in the Sri Vidya Shrine.

By leaning into ourselves more deeply, we can then re-enter our lives and the world enriched, nourished, empowered and whole. This itself is an act of Praise for the Devi.