Welcome to the inaugural webinar with the Himalayan Institute Creative Services team. We are so excited to have you here! During this session, we will cover the nuts and bolts of executing a successful webinar.


Student’s Journey

First, we will cover the student’s journey through the registration process. Students learn about webinars through email marketing and by browsing our calendar of events. Once a student has decided to attend an upcoming webinar, she completes the registration form, which executes several important actions on her behalf. To us, these actions are critical, and we will familiarize ourselves accordingly. To her, this process is seamless.

Registration Process

If she is already a Mission Member, the registration process is even smoother. We will briefly visit the registration process to review the student experience both as an anonymous user and as a Mission Member.

Communications With Our Student

Once registered, the marketing team execute several communications with our student to reminder her of the webinar’s start time and ensure that she is well prepared and informed. After, she will receive a follow-up email, thanking her for her participation, informing her of the next session, if applicable, and suggesting some related materials.

In-Webinar Experience

Finally, we will discuss the in-webinar experience itself. This will be addressed by reflecting on our own experience during this inaugural webinar and will conclude with a question and answer session.


The format will consist primarily of a lecture-style one-way presentation featuring the following media:

  • Live video and audio of the presenter
  • Slideshow presentation
  • Pre-recorded video screencast

At the end, there will be an interactive question and answer session. After raising your hand or typing your question into the Q&A box, the moderator will enable your audio so you may ask your question aloud to the group.