This New Year’s retreat marks the beginning of a life infused with vigor and positivity. It is an opportunity to gather time-tested tools for inner healing and purposeful living. The air is filled with talk of political divisiveness, fear of economic upheaval, and reminders of the suffering inflicted upon humanity by global conflict, pandemics, changing weather, and social discord. With this retreat, we commit ourselves to genuine self-empowerment, where we discover and implement a holistic strategy to conquer adverse conditions within and without, and emerge as joyful and confident individuals.

The spirit that inspired this retreat is personal transformation, embodying the energy of clarity, self-trust, respect for humanity, and regard for Mother Nature, all of which guide us to deepen our connection with Divine Providence.

Join us this New Year to clear your mind, re-energize your soul, and set a direction which is free from fear, insecurity, and inertia. Soak in the vibrantly peaceful environment at the Himalayan Institute to renew yourself, reflect on your life’s purpose, and discover a balanced way to achieve it.

Program features include:
  • Daily guided practices and workshops that skillfully weave yoga, relaxation, and meditation to progressively cultivate vibrant inner awareness with Sandra Anderson, Shari Friedrichsen and Judy Moulton.
  • Pranic immersion practices (deep relaxation) to support your rest and rejuvenation
  • Satsanga (wisdom talks) with Ishan Tigunait, inspired by the Katha Upanishad and Bhagavad Gita
  • Mantra recitation and 4-hour group meditation (akhanda japa) to welcome the New Year. Akhanda Japa will also be livestreamed on HI Online for our worldwide community. Join us in-person to be a central pillar of this special practice.
  • Ample time for personal meditation to bask in the spiritually charged energy of the Sri Vidya Shrine, a sacred space that will prepare you to joyfully greet the New Year (in-person attendees only)
  • Rare opportunity to meditate in the Adi Pitham, a sacred space honoring the Himalayan Tradition (in-person attendees only)
  • Free time for rest, enjoy nature, and nourish yourself at the PureRejuv Wellness Center (in-person attendees only)
  • Opportunities for personal appointments with HI faculty (in-person attendees only)
Hybrid Format:

In-person retreat participants will have the opportunity for practice in the Sri Vidya Shrine including twice-daily darshan, special practice in the Adi Pitham, opportunities for personal appointments with HI faculty, and treatments at the Pure Rejuv wellness center. In-person attendance is recommended to get the most out of this practice retreat. However, we will be livestreaming the practices, workshops, and satsangas as a webinar for our students who cannot travel to be with us in person but want to join the retreat from home.

Registration Options

This program is available either online or in-person here in Honesdale.

Online Access: Lifetime $299 In Person Tuition: $299 * In-person tuition includes free lifetime access to the online course portal (to be distributed upon arrival).

All times are listed in Eastern Time. Subject to minor changes

Wednesday December 28th

  • Welcome & Satsanga – 7:30pm

Thursday December 29th

  • Pranic Immersion Practice with Judy Moulton – 7:00am
  • The Healing Power of Breath with Judy Moulton – 10:30am
  • Chai Social – 4:00pm
  • Satsanga – 7:30pm

Friday December 30th

  • Pranic Immersion Practice with Ishan Tigunait – 7:00am
  • The Healing Power of Agni Sara with Sandy Anderson – 10:30am
  • Bonfire – 7:30pm

Saturday December 31

  • Pranic Immersion Practice with Sandy Anderson – 7:00am
  • Satsanga – 10:30am
  • Opening Prayer (Mantra Recitation) – 7:30pm
  • Group meditation – 8:00pm to Midnight

Sunday January 1

  • Pranic Immersion Practice with Shari Friedrichsen – 7:00am
  • Satsanga – 10:30am