The enduring image of the force of creation (Brahma) sitting on a golden lotus growing from the navel of the force of sustainability (Vishnu) hints as to how we might tap into our innate creative power.

Tantric texts describe a bulb (kanda) in the pelvis, from which the 72,000 energetic channels (nadis) originate to distribute the life energy (prana). When the kanda is activated and accessed, all the other functions of prana and systems in the body, including the mind, are also nourished and empowered. Working with the kanda is an opportunity to consciously cultivate the undeniable urge to grow and blossom. This is our unique gift of embodiment—to become aligned with the transformative power of the universe, and awaken the divine force of creativity and well-being.

In this program, you will discover how to access your own kanda, and learn subtle practices that link the physical with the deeper mental and emotional states to transform blocks, delusions, and karmic baggage.

In this program, you will:

  • Apply a simple, effective model of the subtle body to guide every aspect of your practice and spiritual journey.
  • Address obstacles like uncertainty, lack of energy, inertia, and inner unrest.
  • Adapt hatha practices to your individual needs and capacity.
  • Bring your body, breath, and mind into balance and harmony.
  • Experience practices like mahabandha, mahamudra, bhastrika, and agni sara to tap into the energy of the kanda, and infuse your pranic field with virya—vitality.