*Due to attendance constraints, this event will be offered both in-person and available through a digital webinar format.

All sessions (havans, practicums, lectures, and special celebrations) will be delivered over live video—You won’t miss a thing! Please note that we will make every effort to have the sessions available and distributed to all participants within 4 hours after each session,  and available for a full 30 days after the event concludes on July 19. Digital webinar format includes all lectures, practicums, and daily havans.

Welcome to Maha Pushti Yaga–the pinnacle of Sri Sukta sadhana, and the heart and soul of tantra vidya. This practice is unprecedented in its scope, potency, and grandeur. In Maha Pushti Yaga, like a mountain rising from the ocean, Sri Chakra rises from the ocean of shaktis that embody Rudra Yaga. The Tradition prescribes this practice to celebrate an event of historic importance and to receive both the insight and strength to write a personal and collective destiny which is dignified, constructive, and spiritually illuminating. The time is right and our intention is pure. With this practice we conclude our 1,000,008 hour Year Long Meditation and reinvest its fruit to write our shared destiny.

Maha Pushti Yaga is the finest distillation of the experiences preserved in the distinguished scriptures Durga Saptashati, Netra Tantra, and Sri Vidyarnava. What makes this practice so special is its capacity to awaken the intrinsic powers of Sri Chakra and employ them to ensure that the conditions conducive to our inner healing, protection, and prosperity are restored and fully nourished. This is accomplished by applying the advanced practice of Sri Sukta, a cluster of 16 mantras that forms the core of Maha Pushti Yaga. This practice transports our personal experiences and achievements beyond our individual boundaries and infuses the lives of our loved ones and the natural world with the elixir they need for their blossoming. This makes us become more expansive and inclusive, setting the ground for transformation within and without. It makes us become richer in our soul, and gives us strength and insight to share that richness with all.

What is Maha Pushti Yaga?

Maha Pushti Yaga is one of the most esoteric and highly shielded tantric practices of Sri Vidya. Figuratively speaking, this practice marks the wedding of the forces presiding over Sri Chakra and Rudra Yantra. The inherent power of “nitya pushtam” of the 9th mantra of Sri Sukta and “pushti vardhanam” of the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra officiate this spiritual matrimony. This results in the manifestation of Maha Pushti, The Great Nourishment, hence the term Maha Pushti Yaga. It is a specialty practice of our Tradition.

Why is this practice so rare?

In a normal course of practice, tantrics either focus their sadhana on Sri Chakra or Rudra Yaga. That enables them to either become connected with the source of inner beauty, or, with the inner healing force. This rare form of tantra sadhana—Maha Pushti Yaga—opens the door to both experiences at once.

Why is this practice so potent?

With this practice, we’ll invoke and connect ourselves with the subtle forces of nature engaged in maintaining a broad range of 18 categories of peace and harmony* in the natural world and in collective consciousness. It is done by infusing Sri Chakra with 360 shaktis embedded in the Durga Saptashati, and by interweaving them with the 9th mantra of Sri Sukta.

With this practice, we also invoke and connect ourselves with the 14 conditions in which subtle forces of nature nourish or drain the sap of life**. This is done by further infusing Rudra yantra with the power of the tantric version of the Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra.

Why do this practice now?

As part of the 1,000,008 hour Year Long Meditation, there are thousands of individuals in hundreds of countries participating in this group practice. This practice, Maha Pushti Yaga, pulls us into the nexus of the fully awakened and spiritually fecund energy field of Sri Chakra and Rudra Yaga, and emits the same energy back to all meditators living across the globe. This practice is the container of the Year Long Meditation as well as the means for redistributing its fruit back to the world. This is how the masters in the past concluded their practice, and we are fortunate to do the same today.

Why do this practice here at the Sri Vidya Shrine?

The fully and formally consecrated Sri Vidya Shrine embodies the love, wisdom, and pristine intention of the tradition of the ancient masters. Under the watchful eyes of these Siddha Masters, the Sri Vidya Shrine nullifies the imperfections caused by human frailty, hence this practice at the Sri Vidya Shrine.

Unique Features of the Program
  • Study intensive to further enhance our understanding of Sri Chakra, Rudra Yaga, Sri Sukta, and the dynamics of group practice and their role in our personal practice and personal unfoldment
  • Participation in Maha Pushti Yaga, the most traditional and elaborate ritual practice to invoke, honor, and connect ourselves with multiple layers of powers inhabiting Sri Chakra and the chakra of Rudra Yaga
  • Daily practice of meditation and Sri Sukta in the space saturated with the shakti of the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • Daily havan, fire offering, in the consecrated havan kunda, the fire place, at the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • Opportunity to start, intensify, or complete our personal practice
  • Opportunity to receive personal guidance from Panditji and design an ongoing course of sadhana
  • Opportunity to reflect on our state of mind, sense of urgency to reclaim our inner wealth, and ways of living with purpose and living without fear
Required Reading:

Sri Sukta: The Tantra of Inner Prosperity, by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, NOW Available!

Recommended Preparation:
  1. The Secret of the Yoga Sutra: Samadhi Pada, by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, verses 1:18–24
  2. Living With the 64 Yoginis seminar taught by Panditji March 12-14, 2012
  3. Building capacity for a minimum 30 minutes of meditation, preferably on Navarna mantra, or Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra, Gayatri mantra, or any other mantra-driven meditative practice. Then take your practice to the next level while you are here.
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