In this program you will learn the secret of a living tradition—the art of deepening your practice with the combined forces of tantra and kundalini, and infusing your body and mind with renewed vigor and vitality.

The program is grounded in tantric ideology: the human body is a universe in miniature. In this body, we find what we seek provided we have access to kundalini shakti, the vast power lying dormant within us. The ultimate goal of yoga sadhana is to awaken and become connected to this shakti. We feel empowered, fulfilled, and truly healed only when this shakti awakens from within, giving us the confidence to shape our life as we choose. By using the time-tested techniques taught in the Yoga Sutra and prominent tantric texts such as the Saundaryalahari (The Wave of Beauty and Bliss), you’ll discover this hidden treasure buried in your own body and mind. This is what masters like Patanjali call yoga.

Highlights of this program include:

  • Looking at our body, mind, emotions, and biological urges through the lens of science, spirituality, and mysticism
  • Dynamics of kundalini shakti, the network of nadis (energy channels), and the system of chakras as the way to reconnect with the pool of the inner healing force
  • Panditji’s own lively routine of asana, pranayama, bandha, and mudra, which you can use to enhance the quality of your personal practice as a student, and to broaden the scope of your teachings if you are a teacher
  • In addition to structured lectures and workshops on tantra, kundalini, and practices directly related to the Yoga Sutra and the Saundaryalahari, you will participate in practicums focused on:
    • Gaining access to and stabilizing the pelvic floor
    • Developing strength in the sacrum and surrounding area
    • Gaining access to the abdominal cavity and energizing the solar plexus
    • Increasing flexibility and strength in the spinal column and supportive muscles, thus releasing tension in the shoulders and upper back
    • Gaining access to the eyebrow center and replenishing your brain and nervous system

This practice-driven workshop is designed for those who have studied The Secret of the Yoga Sutra and the Yoga Sutra Master Course or taken the Living Tantra or Sage programs with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.

Email [email protected] for prerequisite details.