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Tantra is an ever-fresh blossom of spiritual experiences of the adepts. Sri Sukta is the nectar of that blossom. From time to time, the sages collected this nectar and added additional aroma and nutrients, thus on one hand, they broadened the scope of Sri Sukta, and on the other hand, they brought the application of the specific mantras to a laser focus.

In this online 8-part seminar, Masters of Sri Sukta: The Living Tradition of Sri Vidya, we’ll study who these sages are, in what circumstance they collected the nectar of tantra vidya, how they added deeply relevant fresh nutrients, and how they brought perfection and precision into the practice before passing it on to us.

This rare offering with Panditji is designed to help you understand a group of select masters’ place and role in the practice of Sri Sukta. It elaborates the identifying personality of Sri Sukta, and why the adepts belonging to different traditions and sub-traditions of yoga and tantra vidya prescribe Sri Sukta to their students. There are hundreds of masters equally important, but the lives of those chosen here in this study mirror our own. Thus, understanding their life, practices, and experiences becomes a doorway to understanding ourselves, the dynamics of our practices, and subtle messages arising from our own experiences.


Any Sri Sukta course with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, including

  • Sri Sukta (May 2021)
  • Tantra of Inner Prosperity (New Year’s 2018)
  • Sri Sukta Retreat (HI Khajuraho, February 2020)

If you haven’t taken a pre-requisite course, the Sri Sukta course may be taken online on-demand.

Recommended Reading:

Sri Sukta: Tantra of Inner Prosperity

All sessions are 90 minutes beginning at 7:30 pm EST; subject to change

  • Session 1: The Distinctive Personality of Sri Sukta & Its Role in Shakti Sadhana
    • January 31st – 7:30pm
  • Session 2: Transformation of Parashurama & His Contribution to Sri Sukta Sadhana
    • February 2, 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 3: Lessons from the Life of Kamadeva and Bhandasura
    • February 3, 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 4: Kamadeva and the 10th Mantra of Sri Sukta
    • February 5, 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 5: Kardama and the 11th Mantra of Sri Sukta
    • February 6th 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 6: Kubera and the 7th & 8th Mantras of Sri Sukta
    • February 8th, 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 7: Chikalita and the 12th Mantra of Sri Sukta
    • February 9th, 2021 – 7:30pm
  • Session 8: Saptarishis, The Seven Sages, and Their Role in our Life
    • February 11th – 7:30pm