Meditation in Motion, also known as Qigong, is an ancient practice developed over millennia for the purpose of increasing life force energy for healing. Qigong is a grounding practice that calms the nervous system as well as promotes free fluid movements and expansiveness. For people with health concerns as well as those who simply wish to increase their physical strength or stamina, personal energy, and inner calm, a Qigong practice could be the gift of a lifetime. Developed in Chinese monasteries, hospitals, and imperial courts, Qigong is one of the most profound medicines.

Through a sequence of slow meditative movements coordinated with the breath, Qigong is a simple method for healing and increasing vitality and longevity. Discover how these movements awaken Qi, the medicine within, to transform anxiety, stress, and disease into self-confidence, inner peace, and optimal health. Develop a daily self-care practice you can use for the rest of your life. At this workshop, you will learn the Nine Phases of Qi Mastery, a Qigong practice of nine steps, that promotes profound healing benefits.

You will practice the Seven Gestures, an integral Qigong method developed by Qigong masters. Meditation in Motion is a method of meditating with music and the sounds of nature using the breath with slow movements standing or in a sitting position.

Weather permitting, your final practices will be held outdoors by streams, woods, and on the peaceful grounds of the retreat center. In your free time, you can visit the Sri Vidya Shrine, a sacred space dedicated to meditative practices. The 400-acre campus offers groomed hiking trails, an ideal way to enjoy the beauty of the majestic and the natural charm of water, woods, and fields.

Shop at the store on campus for apparel, books, Ayurveda health and wellness care, yoga decor, and props. Visit the cafe featuring handcrafted artwork and healthy and delicious snacks, organic fair-trade teas, coffees, and chocolates. The workshops will be led by your instructor, John Czechowski. John aims to inspire and guide you in your inner practice as you cultivate your inner medicine through these ancient practices that anyone can learn.

Participant reviews:

~ John, Now that I’m back home in PA, I practiced Qigong using the video I recorded of you. I appreciated the video both for reference, and the setting with a great teacher. Your class was superb, user friendly, beautiful form and great music selections. Repetition is so important, and you patiently guided us along. But in addition , tossed in other bits of information and fun.You were well organized, providing a perfect teaching sequence. It was always interesting. You embody the calm chi energy, that is inspiring. Thank you so much. Linda Krall

~John Thank you for a great experience learning Qigong.I really enjoyed the different settings and your style teaching. Im doing my practice daily. Thanks again Sharon Meister

~ I really liked that you just want to share your knowledge and practice so that others can be happy and healthy. Thank you Debbie