Our reality today is a world in which we lose ourselves in the hum of the daily routine — and yet, there are those of us who seek a deeper connection. Amidst the hustle, we find time to move our bodies, connect with breath, and tune in to our deeper sense of self. We make time to prioritize a yoga class, meditation, or a connective experience with our loved ones in full presence.

There’s an emerging pull to find ourselves in a place where we can simply be — among others with a similar practice, spending an immersive period of time with teachers who hold space for us in the way that we need.

Join Emile Sorger, Jess LaBarca, and Jung Kim for a Retreat in the truest sense of the word — NATURE OF CONNECTION. This is a chance to befriend your inner warmth, to play around and move with breath, and get your feet in the grass (before bringing them above your head for a much-needed adult recess).

If you’re on the search for the fullest you, if you feel like you’re magnetically pulled toward understanding your own self, if you’re noticing that you’re on the quest to waking up — know that you’re ready. Let yourself realize that you’ve been here all along.

All Inclusive Prices
  • Shared Options (gender and other preferences will be honored to the best of our ability)
  • Shared Room (2 people): $695.00
  • Shared Deluxe Room: $775.00
  • Shared Deluxe Suite: $865.00
Single Options
  • Standard Room: $880.00
  • Deluxe Room: $1,015.00
  • Deluxe Suite: $1,240.00

Early Bird Discount of $50 off all options before 6/1!

Guest house rooms are also available for groups that would like to be housed together. Email info@ymsphilly to learn more about those options.