Padmini Vidya is the heart of tantra sadhana, particularly the Sri Vidya tradition of tantra. This knowledge takes our understanding and practice of Sri Sukta to a new height. The eight sessions of this program are based on the direct teachings of the Sage Markandeya, the immortal rishi who gave the gift of the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra to the seekers of inner healing.

Padmini Vidya was first taught by Sage Markandeya to Sage Kraustiki, as documented in the Markandeya Purana. There, the dialogue between these two masters opens the floodgate of the secret knowledge locked in the Sri Sukta mantras 5 and 8. “This secret knowledge transcends all written records on Sri Sukta, including my commentary on it!” says Pandit Tigunait.

Padmini Vidya is one of the most sattvic of all tantric practices, with a far-reaching sattvic result provided that our intention behind practice is lit by our conscience. It is so humbling to know how, so subtly and so effectively, the practice of Sri Sukta plants the seed of Padmini Vidya in the lotus of our heart, and how Sage Markandeya’s exposition provides nutrients for this vidya to blossom. With this blossoming comes the blossoming of our mind and soul, as well as the larger world of which we are a part.

Session Titles and Schedule
All sessions are hosted live over Zoom from 7:00—8:30 pm Eastern Time. Recordings will be available for replay with lifetime access.

Thursday, October 3—Family Tree of Sri Lakshmi, Part 1: Mythological Origin & Its Implication in Our Daily Life
Friday, October 4—Family Tree of Sri Lakshmi, Part 2: Tantra Sadhana & Its Practical Application in the Context of Sri Sukta
Saturday, October 5—Family Tree of Padmini Vidya, Part 1: Mythological Origin & Its Implication in Our Daily Life
Monday, October 7—Family Tree of Padmini Vidya, Part 2: Tantra Sadhana & The Practice of Padmini Vidya as Part of Sri Sukta Sadhana
Tuesday, October 8—Family Tree of A-lakshmi, Part 1: Mythological Origin & Its Implication in Our Daily Life
Wednesday, October 9—Family Tree of A-lakshmi, Part 2: Tantra Sadhana & The Practical Application of A-lakshmi in the Context of Sri Sukta Sadhana
Friday, October 11—Steps Leading to Invoking Padmini Vidya
Saturday, October 12—Steps Leading to Nullifying the Works of A-lakshmi
Sunday, October 13—Question and Answer Session

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In-person and Online
Padmini Vidya is the study track that accompanies Sri Sutka Sadhana Stage 2. Participants in the sadhanna immersion will be able to attend the Padmini Vidya sessions with Panditji live in-person and will receive access to this online course at no additional charge. Students who are not participating in Sri Sutka Sadhana Stage 2 should register for this course to attend these sessions online.