The Yoga Sutras say it perfectly: “Practice becomes well established when done over time, without interruption, and with dedication.” This weekend is designed to be exactly that. We’ll spend three days moving through a full range of asana and discovering techniques to keep you focused and motivated as you take your new insights back to your daily life.

We’ll explore how to move with stability, mobility, and flexibility in all areas of the body:

  • Stability: Creating a firm foundation through physical and energetic lenses.
  • Mobility: Developing fuller range of motion through detailed alignment.
  • Flexibility: Techniques and approaches to release tight muscles.

We’ll look at eye-opening ways to direct the energy of our bodies:

  • Bandhas: Areas of focus within our bodies that allow us to move powerfully.
  • Vayus: Techniques for directing the energy of our movement.
  • Koshas: Levels of awareness from outside to inward to guide our awareness.

Part asana clinic, part playful experiment, every person in the group will be able to work at their own level with their own goals in mind. We’ll explore balancing poses, back bends, shoulder openers, inversions, hip openers, and hamstring stretches. And all of it will be at your own level!

This is a unique opportunity to try new approaches to your practice in a fun, inspiring, supportive setting. Grab your mat, invite a friend or two, and see what kind of progress your practice can make!