Never has there been a better time or more need for tantra yoga! Our increasingly polarized and fast-moving world takes its toll, fragmenting our minds and depleting our energy, even as it offers opportunities of every kind. Prana shakti is the life force—that which animates the body and mind. Tantra yoga practice focuses on working with this intelligent force to unite the body, mind, and prana and create an inner sanctuary of resilient well-being, stability, and clarity.

In this tantric yoga workshop, we will explore how this life force manifests in the body and mind, and experience how aligning the physical body can realign the energetic body, and facilitate a more integrated flow of prana shakti which in turn improves every facet of life. When practiced together, asana, tantric energy activation techniques, and breath awareness can:

  • Balance the pranic body
  • Prevent the leaking and dissipation of energy
  • Unblock stagnant and congested energy in the body and mind
  • Support a more balanced and empowered way of living

This subtle work with prana shakti leads easily to meditation, and reveals how our personal tension patterns are related to pranic flow that is shaped by deep patterns and tendencies in the mind. Then, meditative awareness matures and helps us to restructure these patterns to connect to the inner source of protection and nourishment—the fountain of shakti, inner vitality, and joy.

During this weekend program you will:
  • Explore the relationship between the body, breath, prana, and mind
  • Learn how to move from the physical awareness cultivated in asana to breath awareness, pranic awareness, and ultimately to a deep awareness of the inner self
  • Experience the prana vayus (the five aspects of prana) in practice
  • Activate the bandhas (energetic locks) on three levels: physical, mental, and spiritual
  • Understand the different aspects of the mind and how they govern the body
  • Support and enliven the meditative mind with muscular activation, core strength, and enhanced inner focus
  • Design your home practice to support a steadily growing inner light

Join us for an enlivening and illuminating weekend exploring the vast world of tantra yoga!