We all know that breathing is important, but because it happens without much thought, we tend to take for granted the enormous power of the breath. When we learn how to breathe with awareness, we can begin to loosen the grip of negative thoughts and emotions, and build the foundation that supports the journey of self-transformation.

Join Luke Ketterhagen for a comprehensive weekend dedicated to exploring breathing practices that can promote healing and balance at the deepest physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

During this weekend pranayama workshop, you will:
  • Explore systematic methods of calming the nervous system using the breath
  • Take a comprehensive look at the dynamics of breathing from an anatomical, physiological, and energetic perspective
  • Become more aware of how and where the breath moves in your body
  • Practice techniques precisely designed to establish diaphragmatic breathing and a relaxed awareness in the abdominal area
  • Explore specific postures, techniques, and skills for effectively strengthening a chronically weak and often underperforming respiratory diaphragm
  • Cover the essential components of finding a comfortable seated posture to effectively collect, contain, and direct your energy for transformation

This pranayama intensive is about more than learning how to breathe. It is a deep look at understanding, building, and directing energy. Without breath there is no energy, there is no life, and there is no yoga. By learning more about how your breath works, you can improve the quality and capacity of your life force and move toward the attainment of fulfillment (bhoga) and freedom (apavarga)—the ultimate goals of yoga.

Experience the profound effect that conscious, deep diaphragmatic breath can have in your life. The life force moving inside you is the greatest tool of all for tapping into deep healing, lasting joy, and immeasurable peace.

I recently participated in one of Luke’s pranayama intensive workshops. I learned so much—deepening my physical practice as well as expanding my perspective on how breath is interconnected with all other facets of a yogic life. The beautiful thing about Luke is he embodies what he teaches. Clearly, he has incredible expertise in pranayama, and more importantly, he is able to nurture a safe, inclusive space—infusing it with a warm energy and gentle guidance. Everyone feels welcome and can adapt the practice to their own needs and experience level.
I attended a pranayama weekend workshop offered by Luke and found his deep knowledge of pranayama and yoga to be an invaluable resource for students. His patient teaching and demonstrating made the subtleties of pranayama easy to grasp. I learned a great deal over the weekend and left with an appetite for more.