What is Pure Rejuvenation 2.0?

This signature retreat combines traditional Ayurvedic methods of cleansing and revitalization with integrative approaches to health and healing. With attention given to all aspects of your care (food, movement, relaxation, and bodywork), revitalization is possible in just a few days. Relaxation and restoration are the keynotes of this retreat.

You will receive the same comprehensive approach to body and mind as in our original program: appointments with an integrative medicine physician; a biofeedback session; daily 2-hour bodywork treatments with massage, shirodhara and steam; gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian meals; fresh organic juices; and daily private yoga classes. You will also enjoy the rich camaraderie of the group that arises over 5 days.

In Pure Rejuvenation 2.0, we have expanded the original program to include even more options for optimal nourishment and revitalization. Our goal is for you to feel nourished at every level of your being: body, energy/prana, emotional heart, and mind.

In Pure Rejuvenation 2.0, we will provide:
  • An experience of Forest Bathing
  • An Ayurvedic Cooking Class (with edible outcomes!)
  • Guided Relaxation daily to achieve deep rest
  • An experience exploring Poetry and Music as nourishment
  • An introduction to Vishoka Meditation

This program builds on the foundational principles of Ayurveda that were taught in previous programs, as well as the yoga, breathing, and meditative practices that are inherent in all our retreats. Our goal is that you feel more connected to—and therefore more nourished by—your own body and breath, the natural world, creative works (poetry/music), and spiritual practices. You will leave here full of ojas, feeling peaceful, re-energized and content, and nourished on every level of your being.

This next-level PureRejuvenation program is a new offering, and we look forward to your enthusiastic participation and feedback. We expect it will be all you have come to love about this program from prior experience – and much more! We hope you’ll join us.

This program is offered exclusively to previous participants in the Himalayan Institute’s PureRejuvenation or Panchakarma programs.

Who Manages the Program?

The entire retreat is overseen and managed by Dr. Carrie Demers and Dr. Theresa Oswald. In addition to their individual medical specialties, both physicians are board-certified in integrative medicine, blending modern medicine with proven alternative and holistic methods to treat a variety of health concerns. Their dedication to empowering individuals to reclaim their inner healing potential is evident in their compassionate and detailed approach to their medical practices. Both physicians will work closely with your retreat team to prescribe customized treatments based on your current mental, physical, and medical condition. Dr. Demers and Dr. Oswald are with you every step of this cleansing process, encouraging you and supporting you along the way so that you gain the most benefit from your immersive retreat experience.

The program begins with an orientation on Thursday evening and concludes at lunch on Monday.

Amenities Beyond Your Daily Treatment Schedule:

In addition to the weekend retreat schedule of lecture, practicum, and massage, you will have access to:

  • 400 acres of wooded hiking trails and vistas
  • Sacred Grove Cafe
  • Meditation in the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • The MarketPlace Bookstore and Giftshop
  • 24 Hour Tea Lounge
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
I felt like an entire team was involved in my overall health. I didn’t have to repeat aspects of my life. Each staff member generally knew my profile and story, which allowed them to more deeply engage with my health.
Pure Rejuvenation Guest, 2017
Pure Rejuvenation gave me space to rejuvenate and calm down. I also got some wonderful take home practices that I hope to do my whole life.
Pure Rejuvenation Guest, 2017
Ayurvedic approaches are not new to me, but the Pure Rejuv retreat has refocused me. My necessary physical and emotional routines have been jumpstarted.
Pure Rejuvenation Guest, 2017
The massage was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve been getting massages for over 30 years. I felt – and still feel – wonderful after the massage. She addressed my specific needs, and was therapeutic, relaxing, and wonderful.
Pure Rejuvenation Guest, 2017