Now is the time to take advantage of heightened emotional energy and the disruption in our lives to find our inner source of resiliency and fortitude. The journey to inner clarity and strength begins with two pivotal access points in the body—the navel center and the brain center. Integrating the pranic hub (the navel center) and the conscious mind awakens the inner dimensions of life, conserves vitality, develops discrimination, and focuses our life-energy in deeply satisfying directions.

Drawing on her thirty years of study and practice of Yoga and Tantra, Sandy Anderson will lead you through an exploration of how your body and mind work in tandem, and develop a comprehensive practice to support every aspect of your life.

This webinar will be a combination of lecture and practice, and will include an exploration of:
  • How the kanda, the hub of vitality and healing, interacts with brain centers to sustain vibrant good health; and practices to access the kanda, including subtle application of bandhas
  • Asana practice to explore how pranic shifts manifest in the body and breath
  • Why the mind and emotions are so important in mastering the navel center (kanda)
  • How to transform inner conflicts and distorted perceptions
  • How to integrate physical and psychological forces for successful meditation
  • How to skillfully enjoy and employ our desires and mental tendencies
Course Format:
  • Six on-line live sessions, available for 7 days after airing
  • Each session includes discussion and guided practice to assimilate discussion topics
  • PDF downloads of lecture notes and slides
  • Links to the Wisdom Library at for home practice
  • 30-day free membership to the Himalayan Institute with access to the Wisdom Library content
Webinar Schedule

Online sessions will be held Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pm EDT beginning on Monday, November 30 and ending on Wednesday, December 16. Each of the videos will be available within 4 hours of the completion of each session. All sessions include discussion and technique-oriented practice.

  • Session 1 — Monday, November 30: Physical, Energetic, and Psychological Dimensions of Embodied Practice
    • Discussion and practice of top-down and bottom-up practices of yoga.
    • Suggestions for home practice taking into account individual needs.
  • Session 2 — Wednesday, December 2: The Radiant Body—Toward Autonomy and Stability
    • A practical exploration of the triune body, and two points of access to the subtle body.
  • Session 3 — Monday, December 7: Dimensions of Asana Practice
    • Core alignment, pranic hub activation, and inner awareness leading to effortlessness.
  • Session 4 — Wednesday, December 9: How Pranayama Clears the Mind
    • Using breath awareness in asana, pranayamas to develop the energy body.
    • Suggestions for two-tract home practice.
  • Session 5 — Monday, December 14: Exploring the Mind-Body Interface
    • The brain-gut connection, two aspects of self-identity, and the power of paying attention.
  • Session 6 — Wednesday, December 16: The Body and Mind in Tandem: Empowering Meditation
    • Linking the body, breath, prana, and attention for equanimity and resilience.
    • Sustainable home practice.