Community, Connection and Relaxation.

Through the company of fellow teachers, students, and practitioners of peace and joy this weekend we will get in touch with the reservoir of balance on all levels. This balance will bring a release and a relaxation that will permeate each breath we take and each step we make. We will have a focus on Agni Sara, a master practice that brings balance from our gut and brain to our emotional and energetic space. In addition, through asana, pranayama, systematic relaxations and guided meditations we will take balance even deeper. Learn techniques to enrich your personal practice so that it is sustainable at home and the effects of your weekend experience lasts long after you return and “re-enter” into your everyday life. Your heart will open, your mind will quiet, and you will feel refreshed so when you leave the Himalayan Institute it will be with a renewed sense of self and purpose.
Let us bring balance and joy to ourselves and then to the world together.

There are also some fun activities planned for our retreat, like a chai tea party and campfire Saturday night. You may also choose to take in the scenery, receive spa treatments at the Pure Rejuvenation Wellness Center or visit Honesdale, either by yourself, or with friends.

While we want you to get the maximum benefits from the weekend, please note that none of the programming is mandatory. You can choose how you want to spend your time, while on retreat.

See you soon.
Luke Ketterhagen and June Hunt

Retreat Cost: $195 if purchased by 8/1/21; $250 if purchased after
Cost to attend event | $250.00

Retreat Package purchased directly through Moondog Yoga

Guest Rooms are a separate purchase.