Embrace Winter Wellness for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Spend a weekend with Michele and Anjali nourishing yourself with yoga and meditation practices that will leave you feeling balanced and energized for the season ahead.

Discover “Sacred Wholeness” in the serene embrace of Nature.

Our yoga retreat offers a transformative experience, guiding you towards inner peace and spiritual connection. Immerse yourself in daily yoga, meditation, and soul-nourishing activities amid the breathtaking beauty of the Poconos.

Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or a spiritual seeker, join us for a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

There will be lots of “self time” for walks, hikes, or booking a massage at the PureRejuv Wellness Center, or visiting Moka chocolate and coffee factory, etc.

What to Expect
  • Yoga: Core focus for strength and stability
  • Meditation: Fundamentals for building a personal practice
  • Time to hike the beautiful trails of the Poconos
  • Nourishing meals prepared for you