Depending on whom you ask, tantra can be viewed as the yoga of sex, black magic, rituals, worship of deities, meditation on yantras and mantras, alchemy, or a means for tapping into the mystical powers of the body. There is some truth in all these things—tantra is a vast trove of esoteric wisdom embracing medicine, astrology, philosophy, and spiritual practice. Above all, tantric yoga is a profound understanding of our nature—our problems and potential—and a practical means for skillfully working with ourselves and our world. Esoteric as it may seem, tantric yoga is the most practical and powerful wisdom and system for modern times.

Join Sandra Anderson as she leads you into the secret life of the body as viewed through tantric yoga.

At this weekend yoga retreat, you’ll explore the following topics:
  • Aligning with the tantric worldview
  • Tantric anatomy of the subtle body
  • Prana and kundalini in practice
  • What is tantric transformation?
  • Right use of the senses and desires
  • Tantric approach to meditation
  • How rituals work
  • A tantric view of deities, gods, and goddesses
  • A short personal home practice that supports inner stability, resilience, and well-being

During this weekend retreat, you will delve into the unifying concepts of the various facets of tantra, honing in on how tantra sees the human body and mind, the subtle anatomy of the cosmos and microcosm, and how to apply those principles to your life and yoga practice. You’ll also explore how tantra is related to the popular yoga practice of today and to the traditional yoga of the Yoga Sutra, as well as modern scientific concepts of the mind, nervous system, and body. Each session will begin with a short discussion of a key idea of tantra, and conclude with a related practice.

Learn what tantra really is, and how applying the powerful principles and practices of this yogic science in your life can unlock the secrets of the body and mind.