Sleep makes up more than a quarter of our lives. It can be effortless bliss when it’s working well, yet quite daunting when there seems to be trouble finding a solution. Western science as well as the wisdom of ayurveda and yoga science can help you unravel the mystery of sleep, and provide you with the skills to experience nourishing rest and refreshing sleep.

Join Dr. Theresa Oswald for this live online workshop that gives you practical skills to gain more rest and understand the secrets to great sleep. Through lecture, discussion, and practice, learn how to experience potent micro-practices that maximize sleep and rest, and how to wake up feeling strong and energized.

  • Rest vs. Sleep and how to get more of both
  • Relaxation — the benefits of a systematic practice
  • Routine — the key to a good night’s sleep starts first thing in the morning
Webinar Structure
  • This is an online program incorporating lecture/discussion and practicum experience. It will be held on Zoom as one three-hour session
  • The live Zoom session, downloadable course materials, and playback videos will be delivered directly through your online Course Portal upon signing up