Join Sandy and Dr. Carrie for five evenings introducing Somatic Psychology, and follow up your study and practice with five weekly study and discussion sessions. The weekly discussion sessions are open to all who have previously taken Somatic Psychology and would like to continue their study and practice.

Part 1: Somatic Psychology of Yoga

Five online sessions, August 14-18, Sunday-Thursday 7:00-8:30 pm

For thousands of years yoga and related meditative traditions have offered the tools to master our deeply conditioned minds; describing how we can become content, compassionate, and resilient. Now neuroscience helps us understand how yoga addresses every aspect of mind and body, and why the practice of yoga is so powerful and necessary in our search for worldly and spiritual fulfillment. Embracing embodiment is the key to equanimity, and the secret power of yoga.

Drawing from the hatha yoga tradition, the Yoga Sutra, and decades of immersion in the oral tradition, Sandra and Dr. Carrie will share yoga’s wisdom and practices in a modern frame to help you find the most effective approaches to a balanced and happy life.

Discussion and practice topics include:
  • Afflicted states of mind (kleshas) from the yogic and neuroscience point of view
  • How specific yoga practices work in the context of the polyvagal theory to manage anxiety, stress, anger, greed and selfishness
  • The run-away negativity bias, and yogic antidotes
  • Narrative and experiential modes of identity and integrating all aspects of intelligence
  • Asana for self-acceptance and present-moment awareness
  • Energetic alignment and integration with the practice of asana and meditation
  • How and why meditation can integrate somatic awareness and the thinking mind
  • The importance and practice of contemplation
  • Sunday, August 14
    • 7:00-8:30 Perspectives on the Body and Mind, and a Body/Mind Practice
  • Monday, August 15
    • 7:00-8:30 How Your Neurology Supports Your Obstacles or Your Fulfillment
  • Tuesday, August 16
    • 7:00-8:30 Proprioception, Interoception, and Prana: Expanding Inner Conscious Awareness
  • Wednesday, August 17
    • 7:00-8:30 Asmita, Selfing, and Refining the Ego
  • Thursday, August 18
    • 7:00-8:30 Changing Your Mind: Bottom Up and Top Down Practices

Part 2: Somatic Psychology of Yoga: Group Study and Discussion

Five weekly online sessions; Tuesdays, Aug 23 – Sept 20, 7:00-8:15 pm Eastern Time

We’re delighted to invite you to join us for an ongoing exploration of the topics introduced in Somatic Psychology of Yoga. We’ll talk more about the yamas and niyamas, how the kleshas are related to the auto-programming of the nervous system, interoception and managing emotions, the all-important “I,” and other topics many of you suggested, as well as those that may arise in our sessions. As we go along, we’ll provide references to the Yoga Sutra and other sources, and reflection questions to help guide the discussions. Do join us—your interests are our interest!

The Group Study and Discussion has a prerequisite of Part 1 of this offering or equivalent of previous offerings

  • Session 1 (Aug 23)
    • Yamas and Niyamas: Why They Matter, and How to Practice
  • Session 2 (Aug 30)
    • Working with Afflictions (Kleshas), Attachments, and Recurring Thought Patterns
  • Session 3 (Sept 6)
    • Interoception and Managing Emotions
  • Session 4 (Sept 13)
    • Selfing: How We Create and Perpetuate Asmita
  • Session 5 (Sept 20)
    • Constructive Contemplation, Present Moment Awareness, and Your Brain on Meditation

Registration Options

This program is offered as two separate parts. Part 1 satisfies the prerequisite for part 2. Take individually or bundle together.