Join Pandit Tigunait and experience a full range of yoga—asana, pranayama, bandhas and mudras—and accelerate your progress with the power of mantra and visualization.

With these specialized practices of yoga, capture the power that you are—kundalini shakti—and

free the forces entangled at your lower back, sacrum, and pelvis,
reclaim your core strength as you energize your solar plexus,
lift your energy to clear and calm your mind at the higher chakras, and finally,
channel the forces of your body and mind to experience your fearless and joyful self at the heart center.

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In this workshop, Pandit Tigunait will lead you through a series from the system of yoga he has been practicing for the last 40 years.

In addition, he will teach:

  • 7 steps to agni sara, the master practice for awakening kundalini shakti and energizing the solar plexus
  • 4 breathing techniques to unblock energy channels (nadis) that balance active and passive forces and clear the mind
  • The most effective way of using herbs to fully integrate the power of your practice
  • Mastering yoga with the application of mantra, visualization, and special techniques—prana dharana—taught in the Yoga Sutra.

Reconnection, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, and agility are the natural outcomes of this particular series of yoga practices.

Specialized Practices of

Yoga for a Vibrant Body & Youthful Mind

In-Depth Workshop & 5-Day Retreat