Let us gather to honor the newness that Spring brings upon us.

The Spring Equinox is symbolism for the light coming in after the dark. There is so much meaning from having a ceremony to honor the shifts of the season. As we walk into the doorway of spring’s beauty we can celebrate the wisdom that winter brought through for us as we choose to shed the heavy and move forward basking in the light.

The arrival of each season has been historically honored by many cultures. This retreat is for those who are ready to create intentions of new. The teachings of winter are the seeds and now we can nurture the seedlings and choose where and how we wish to bloom.

This weekend is focused on nourishment and creation.

Often from life’s everyday go go go, we do not have the opportunity to drop into the deeper state of peace necessary for our well-being. What would happen in your life by spending a weekend connecting deeper to yourself and nature? When we work to align to the rhythms of nature we quickly witness a transformation both internally and externally.

As the retreat begins we will acknowledge, reflect, and pay tribute to the winter season and then we will move forward into the work of new beginnings. The year of 2024 in numerology is the year of “8” which represents abundance. Each intentional workshop through the weekend we will weave abundance into the map of spring’s magic.

Workshops will be focused on honoring new beginnings through practices of:
  • Moka Origins Cacao Ceremonies / Divine DJ music
  • Crystal Soundbath Meditation
  • Yoga / Somatic Movement
  • EFT Tapping
  • Breathwork / Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Visualization / Subconscious Restoring
  • Spring Equinox Workshop
  • Letting go Fire Ceremony
  • Community Connection / Share Circle

Each participant will receive a spring wellness package.

Limited Scholarship Spaces are available; please inquire for application.