Let us CELEBRATE the art of RENEWAL

Spring is our great teacher of rebirth and bright inner bloom.

This time can be extremely potent when intentionally planting seeds in the fertile soil of our heart’s true desire. Winter brings forth many endings. What does not truly serve us for the greatest and highest good has its ending. Not all endings are bright and cheerful; they often bring pain to the patterns and grief to the heart that remembers deeply. This retreat will be an opportunity to reflect on the great teachings of our unique Winter experience as the sure foundation to move us forward into brighter days.

The momentum of Spring 2023 will be filled with FRESH exciting beginnings. We are moving forward; let us honor this natural process together!

This retreat will support those who are seeking restoration and creation — a total transformation. As we learn useful skills of intentional mindfulness, our whole life can begin to change for the better. Participants will feel confident and supported for a lasting effect of inspiration.

Through connection to self and a supportive community, we will gather to honor the brighter days ahead — welcoming new life and the joy of expansive growth!

Workshops will be focused on celebrating beginnings through practices of:
  • Moka Origins Cacao Ceremonies / Music
  • Crystal Sound Bath Meditation
  • EFT Tapping
  • Yoga / Somatic Movement
  • Breathwork / Yoga Nidra
  • Guided Visualization / Subconscious Restoring
  • Spring Equinox Celebration Workshop
  • Letting go / Release Fire Ceremony
  • Spring Vision Creative Workshop
  • Community Connection / Share circle

Each participant will receive an intentional self-care package. This curated gift will be used throughout the weekend and will help keep the practices going after the retreat.

“Nothing ever seems impossible in spring, you know.”
― L. M. Montgomery

*Tuition is sliding scale $299-$499 to help support Retreat Scholarship Opportunities.

Limited Scholarship Spaces are available; please inquire for application.