2-Program Special Offering

This program is part of a special series combining two rare offerings with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. It is highly recommended to take them together.

Program Details

This Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 1) is the doorway to experience what you just learned in the webinar, Sri Sukta: The Vessel of Tantric Elixir. This immersion is in a purely traditional style, and follows the methodology that is set in stone after thousands of years of refinement. It will help you build a foundation strong enough to undertake Stage 2 of the Sri Sukta practice, empowering you to embrace the inner joy and prosperity as seen through the eyes of the Sages. It will help you break through the walls that surround the practices labeled as “forbidden tantra.”

Program Highlights:
  • Begin or deepen your formal practice of Sri Sukta, as a powerful catalyst for your inner growth.
  • 3-part format:
    • In-person/online intensive retreat (May 28-31 2021)
    • 80-day at-home practice of Sri Sukta (June 1 – August 20, 2021)
    • In-person/online capstone group practice (August 20-22)
  • The beginning of this 80-day practice coincides with the group practice capstone of the Sri Sukta: Vessel of Tantric Elixir program.
  • Key highlights of the opening retreat during Memorial Day weekend:
    • Exploring the multi-tiered practices of Sri Sukta:
      • Building a firm foundation and the method of selecting a particular mantra as a starting point of Sri Sukta sadhana
      • Learning how to customize and enhance your Sri Sukta practice by stringing together simpler and smaller courses of Sri Sukta practice as a plan to eventually undertake the “mega” practice of Sri Sukta
    • Q&A and group discussion sessions with Panditji and  Ishan Tigunait.
    • Begin your 80-day Sri Sukta practice, with the first 3 days enriched by a special Vishoka Meditation which precedes the recitation. This is a unique opportunity to begin or refine your personal practice of Sri Sukta.
    • Three-session progressive guided yoga and Vishoka Meditation experience
    • Tuition for the in-person version of this capstone is included in your online program fee. Simply book your accommodations and pay for your room and board. Space is highly limited, so book your accommodations now.
  • 80-day group practice of Sri Sukta (Stage 1), comprising 10 recitations of Sri Sukta daily. Undertake the practice from your home on your own schedule, supported by the collective intention and practice of our fellow practitioners.
    • 3 satsangs with Panditji throughout this 80-day period, for inspiration, spiritual community, and to answer questions which arise as you practice.
  • Our 80-day practice culminates in a special havan comprising 80 recitations of Sri Sukta as we make offerings to the sacred fire.
    • This practice can be done in-person, or online. If you participate online, you will have access to the live-stream video of the havan, so you can join the practice virtually in real-time.
    • The closing capstone weekend will include 2 sessions with Panditji to elaborate on the dynamics of Sri Sukta sadhana, and the nature of our 80-recitation havan as the capstone of our 80-day recitation practice.
    • Lifetime access does not include the 2 havan practices. To honor the sanctity of the invocations and time-bound nature of these group practices, they are only available for the 14-day period following the conclusion of the program.
  • Space for in-person attendance for the opening and closing capstone retreats is highly limited, so book your accommodations now.
  • The Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 1) is a key preparation for future group practices, including the Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 2).

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