Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion Stage 1 is a firm prerequisite to participate in this practice

The Sri Sukta Sadhana Stage 2 is an advanced practice. The intensity and the power of the practice accelerates when we align it with the forces of time and place. In addition to the alignment of the celestial bodies on the day of the 15th of October, the practice coincides with Navaratri, an auspicious period tantrics have put aside for shakti sadhana for ages. Keeping the Sri Vidya Shrine at the epicenter, we take the practice to a totally different level. Put briefly, Sri Sukta Stage 2 is meant to create apurva, a new reality, a field of shakti strong enough to override unwanted and self-defeating dark forces trying to rule our inner and outer worlds. With these kinds of practices, we become a light to ourselves and a light to others.

  • To implement tapas, we’ll maintain an environment befitting the stature of this practice. Panditji will assess the unique needs of each of you and fine tune the practice accordingly.
  • The fully consecrated space of the Sri Vidya shrine and the vibrant space that pervades the entire campus will ensure that your course of Sri Vidya practice is nurtured by the principle of Ishvara pranidhana.
  • To comply with the principle of svadhyaya, this practice is accompanied by a special study track, The Epitome of Sri Sukta Sadhana.
  • The practice will begin and conclude with a special havan, led by Panditji.
Program Features
  • Intensive practice of Sri Sukta recitation in the extraordinary space of the Sri Vidya Shrine, Adi Pitham, and the vibrant sacred space of the Himalayan Institute campus at Honesdale.
  • Practice under the guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, and as part of a group of committed, like-minded sadhakas who have all undertaken the prerequisites.
  • The dates for this 12-day practice are intentionally selected to coincide with an auspicious window of time, beginning on the new moon.
  • Enhance your Sri Sukta recitation through your personal meditation practice in the Sri Vidya Shrine
  • 8-part lecture series—The Epitome of Sri Sukta Sadhana, with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait. See details below.
    • Attendance of these sessions will not be live in person with Panditji, as this lecture series is an online program only. Participants will be able to view the sessions either on their own device (internet bandwidth permitting), or at a group showing in the Auditorium.
    • Life-time access to the on-demand videos of these sessions with Panditji
  • 4-part pranic immersion practice with HI Faculty
    • Guided practices with HI Faculty specifically designed to enhance pranic awareness to support the Sri Sukta recitation intensive. Vishoka Meditation is at the heart of this to amplify the benefits of Sri Sukta.
    • Guided practices are 75-90 minutes long, and consist of pranically-oriented asana, breath training, and relaxation, as well as Vishoka Meditation.
  • Orientation with Panditji on opening night, Q&A session with Panditji during the practice, and a closing session on the final day.
  • Option to participate in community yoga classes on select days
  • Daily group recitation of Sri Sukta
Practice Format & Disciplines
  • The nucleus of this practice is the recitation of Sri Sukta 800 times in 11 days (beginning on October 15 2023), concluding with a special havan practice of 80 recitations on the 12th day (October 26th 2023).
  • Your daily practice of Sri Sukta will be 72 or 73 recitations, broken into 2 or 3 sessions per day. You will do most of your recitation individually in your room, supplemented by a daily group recitation.
  • Silence hours will be maintained during key practice times, and from 9pm to 8am.
  • To maintain the focus and integrity of the practice, participants are asked to minimize outside distractions, including remote work responsibilities and leaving campus for the duration of the program.
Tuition: $699

Includes lifetime access to The Epitome of Sri Sukta Sadhana online program (see below for further details)

  • October 14

    Arrive to HI Honesdale for evening Orientation.

  • October 15

    Practice begins today; opening havan in the morning.

  • October 26

    Practice concludes with havan.

  • October 27

    Closing session in the morning with departure after lunch.

All times are listed in Eastern Time. Subject to changes.

  • 6am – Morning prayers
  • 6-8am – Personal meditation time, and/or personal recitation time; Garbha Griha darshan
  • 8am-9am – Breakfast
  • 9-10am – Free time and/or personal recitation time;
  • 9:30-11am – Pranic practice (select days), or free time
  • 11:30-12:15 – Daily group recitation of Sri Sukta
  • 12:30-1:30pm – Lunch
  • 1:30-4 – Free time for rest or self-reflection
  • 4-6 – Personal recitation time and/or walk
  • 5-5:55 Garbha Griha darshan
  • 6pm – Evening prayers
  • 6:15-7:00 – Dinner
  • 7-8:30pm – Lecture (select days), free time or special evening event (eg.bonfire)
  • 9pm – 8am – Silence hours

Online Study Track – The Epitome of Sri Sukta Sadhana

This program will take our knowledge of Sri Sukta to the highest level, for it integrates all levels of study and practice related to Sri Sukta. In this course, you will study how the 16 mantras of Sri Sukta constitute the mantric body of Sri Lakshmi, and how this mantric body lays the ground for discovering the fundamental forces of prosperity within and without. You will learn how to start this profound practice of tantra vidya regardless of whether you are new to this path or you are a seasoned practitioner.

This course will cover the fundamentals of the simplest form of Sri Sukta practice, to steps leading to a formal practice Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3, and finally, it will lay the foundation for the highest form of Sri Sukta sadhana, known as Maha Sri Yaga.

In his commentary, Sri Sukta: Tantra of Inner Prosperity, Panditjihas given detailed information pertaining to the beginning steps, Stage 1, and Stage 2 of the practice. There he briefly introduced the idea of Stage 3 and left the practical instructions for the future. This future is now! In this course, Panditji will elaborate the dynamic elements of Stage 3 that have been passed on through oral tradition alone. This body of information is essential to discovering the core shakti of Sri Sukta and higher practices of tantra vidya, including Maha Sri Yaga.

Major topics of this study include:
  • Building the foundation for Maha Sri Yaga — embracing the principle of gratitude
  • Principle of gratitude in action — serving creation and its Creator
  • Rudra Yaga and Maha Mrtyunjaya mantra and their role in filling the vessel of our body and mind with prana shakti (Pushti Yaga)
  • Method of superimposing Sri Chakra on the mandala of Rudra — a unique method employed in the practice of Maha Sri Yaga
  • Superimposing the 360 shaktis of Durga Saptashati on Sri Chakra, and the unique mantra that substitutes all 700 mantras of Durga Saptashati
  • The role of Navarna mantra and Durga Saptashati in Sri Sukta-centered Maha Sri Yaga
  • Combining Tritari mantra with the mantras of Sri Sukta — when and how
  • Dynamics of Maha Sri Yaga and our role in it individually and collectively

For more information, please contact Shelly Craigo at 570-647-1509 or [email protected].