The intersection of power, fulfillment, and freedom distinguishes tantra from other paths of yoga and spirituality. Tantra leads us to where our spiritual aspirations and worldly ambitions are united in a sacred bond. It gives us access to what we are and what we wish to become. Put simply, tantra gives us the tools to thrive and shine at every stage of our personal growth. As one of tantra’s cardinal practices, Sri Sukta embodies the best of tantra vidya.

Sri Sukta is a cluster of 16 mantras dedicated to the Divine Mother. These awakened mantras power us to pull the forces of abundance and nurturance toward ourselves so we can experience life’s fullness.

To learn and embody the practice Sri Sukta, Ishan Tigunait is offering two programs that are designed to be taken together as a progressive experience. First, learn the mantras and their meaning in the Sri Sukta Course and then put them into practice in the Sri Sukta Sadhana Stage 1.

Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 1)

This Sri Sukta Sadhana Stage 1 is the doorway to experience what you learned in the Sri Sukta Course. This 80-day group practice follows a time-honored tradition of 10 recitations of Sri Sukta daily for 80 days, as the foundational practice of Sri Sukta. Undertake this as a personal practice done from the convenience of your own home, but with the group support of like-minded seekers to benefit from the power of collective consciousness. The practice will empower you to embrace the inner joy and prosperity as seen through the eyes of the seers of Sri Sukta, and prepare you for further advanced tantric practices. Your at-home recitation practice will conclude with a special havan (tantric ritual of sacred fire) either in-person on campus or online.

Program Format:

July 8th – September 25th: 80-day At-Home Sri Sukta Practice

  • Participants will undertake a daily practice of 10 recitations of Sri Sukta from home, for 80 days, either self-guided or with support from the provided recording or written sheet.
  • Includes 4 online sessions throughout the 80-day period for satsang, Q&A and group recitation practice

September 27th – 28th, 2024: Concluding Practice (Havan), Online or On Campus

  • On Campus option (space limited)
  • Includes opening session and an extended duration havan (tantric ritual of sacred fire) group practice of 80 recitations of Sri Sukta to conclude the 80-day practice, with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD or Ishan Tigunait.
Program Highlights:
  • Begin or deepen your formal practice of Sri Sukta, as a powerful catalyst for your inner growth. Sri Sukta Stage 1 is often practiced multiple times to help you assimilate your experience of Sri Sukta more fully and effortlessly.
  • Learn more about Sri Sukta as a living practice, both as a standalone practice, catalyst to your current practice, as well as a group practice to nurture collective consciousness
  • Build a solid foundation for your ongoing Sri Sukta practice with this 80-day immersion
  • 80-day group practice of Sri Sukta, comprising 10 recitations of Sri Sukta daily. Undertake the practice from your home on your own schedule, supported by the collective intention and practice of our fellow practitioners.
  • Undertake your daily practice of 10 recitations of Sri Sukta from home, either self-guided or with support from the provided recording or written sheet. These 10 daily recitations may either be done in a single sitting or in two sittings.
  • 4 online sessions with Ishan throughout this 80-day period, for inspiration, spiritual community, and to answer questions which arise as you practice. Each of these sessions will conclude with 10 recitations of Sri Sukta.
  • Our 80-day practice culminates in a special havan with Panditji or Ishan comprising 80 recitations of Sri Sukta as we make offerings to the sacred fire.
    • This practice can be done in-person, or online. If you participate online, you will have access to the live-stream video of the havan, so you can join the practice virtually in real-time.
    • The closing capstone weekend will include a session with Panditji and Ishan to elaborate on the dynamics of Sri Sukta sadhana, and the nature of our 80-recitation havan as the capstone of our 80-day recitation practice.
    • Lifetime access does not include the havan practices. To honor the sanctity of the invocations and time-bound nature of these group practices, they are only available for the 14-day period following the conclusion of the program.
  • Space for in-person attendance for closing capstone retreats is highly limited, so book your accommodations now.
  • Tuition for the in-person version of the closing capstone is included in your online program fee. Simply book your accommodations and pay for your room and board.
  • The Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 1) is a key preparation for future group practices, including the Sri Sukta Sadhana Immersion (Stage 2).
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All times are listed in Eastern Time. Subject to minor changes.

Monday, July 8 @ 7:00—8:15pm | The Living Practice of Sri Sukta (lecture and recitation)

Monday, July 29 @ 7:00—8:15pm | Satsanga Session #1 (satsanga, Q&A, and recitation)

Monday, August 19 @ 7:00—8:15pm | Satsanga Session #2 (satsanga, Q&A, and recitation)

Monday, September 9 @ 7:00—8:15pm | Satsanga Session #3 (satsanga, Q&A, and recitation)

Friday, September 27 @ 7:30—9:00pm | Concluding Practice: Orientation & Satsanga with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD and Ishan Tigunait

Saturday, September 28 | Concluding Havan with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

  • 10:00am—12:00pm | Part 1
  • 3:00—5:00pm | Part 2